Google Ads & Shopify

Google Ads & Shopify Help
I’ve noticed over this last 12 months how much Shopify seems to be growing as a popular platform for online retailers. As with other ecommerce platforms, Shopify can work well with Google Ads campaigns – both search campaigns and shopping. Shopify has a free xml feed that can be used to link your products with Merchant Center (which acts as a bridge between the website and the Google Ads account), as well as a pay for option that can simplify the process.

Merchant Center can also manually crawl your website shop to create a feed, which can work quite well for small online stores with a limited number of products.

A client I’ve taken on recently sells flags online (Shopify again), with the help of Google Ads he’s been able to instantly gain clicks and sales for his new store page promoting Remembrance Day flags.

For help managing your Google search or shopping ads (including setting up new accounts) please send me an email or complete the enquiry form on this page.

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