Avoid The Cowboys

Avoid the cowboys, use a Google Ads Expert instead
I’ve been managing Google accounts for my own clients from when I set up my business in July 2010. I’ve been there for the many changes that have occurred in the sponsored ads in the 13 years since, and my experience of setting up and running successful advertising campaigns is vast. I have a loyal portfolio of clients, mainly UK based, but a few from overseas. I’m in touch with them every week with information on their account’s performance, changes I’ve made, and recommendations for driving things forward.

Some clients were new to Google Ads, others had tried another Google Ads ‘expert’ and found leads or sales gave a low return on click spend. There are a lot of cowboys out there, who either don’t fully understand how to manage successful ads campaigns, or they don’t bother to put the time in. I generally always find advertising campaigns that have been set up poorly, with ads missing appropriate content, keywords poorly set up, clicks from inappropriate search terms, and missing conversion tracking.

If you’re offering a good service, or selling products at prices that can compete against or be level with other stores, then there’s no reason why Google Ads can’t work for you. Google campaigns are just a way of driving traffic to your website, to compliment your organic (free) click traffic.

I’d good at marketing, and I’m fortunately ‘techy’ minded too. If you don’t have sales/conversion tracking already set up, I can help with this. I’m familiar with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, using these with your Google Ads account and website will enable the recording of when a sale or enquiry comes from your advertising campaign. Not just for your own knowledge, but so that the advertising can be optimised. Good ads performance is enabled by conversion tracking, Google intelligently works out which users, at what time of day, with which words etc, are more likely to convert, and will target them.

If you’d like a free quote for me to manage your Google Ads please contact me here. It’s just me who will work on your account, I don’t outsource to anyone.

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