Drive Great Results From Your Google Search Ads By Adding In A Performance Max Campaign

Drive Great Results From Your Google Search Ads

Described as a ‘power pair’ by Google, I’m finding that running a Performance Max campaign alongside Google search ads can drive great conversion rates and cost per acquisition. One such example is a surveying company with a moderate click budget. Following Google’s guidelines, they set up their own search campaign, but were seeing poor results that were not cost effective for their click spend. I created a new campaign with more focused ads and keywords, and suggested changes to pages that would help convert clicks more often to enquiries.

After a few weeks of running the search ad campaign, I added in a Performance Max campaign too, and conversions have increased greatly. I created re-marketing videos within this – using ad text and images – and chose appropriate audiences to target, as well as a re-marketing audience.

I’m having the same great results with Performance Max for other clients too, sometimes doubling their conversion volume without increasing their click budget.

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