Why Use Someone Who Specialises In Google Ads?

Someone Who Specialises In Google Ads

Rather than being a “Jack (or Jackie!) of all trades” and a specialist in none, I have chosen instead to focus on being an expert in managing successful Google Ads campaigns. Though this does extend to Microsoft Ads management too, the two interfaces work well together and allow importation and updates to automatically be carried across.

By specialising in Google Ads it’s allowed me to build up a very high level of expertise and experience. This enables me to know which campaign types are likely to work best for your business, and how to structure them in a way that will get the best return on spend from your advertising budget.

I also have a wealth of experience with Google Tag Manager and GA4, so I can help you with setting up the conversion tracking to enable your Google Ads campaigns to be optimised.

I work with all campaign types, including Google shopping, search ads, performance max, and display.

I’m pleasant to work with and very conscientious in my approach. If you’d like a no obligation quote for managing your Google Ads, please contact me here. My existing clients find that the affordable fee I charge each month (there’s no fixed contract length) for managing their account more than pays for itself from the additional return that they make.

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