Google Ads Shopping Freelancer

Google Ads Shopping Freelancer

If managed correctly Google Shopping generally drives a much better ROI (return on investment) and higher conversion rate, than text search ads. This is largely due to how they appear, as shopping ads show the item image, as well as the price.

If you’re an eCommerce merchant, then showing your products on Google Shopping is virtually a must.

I both set-up and manage Google Shopping campaigns, including taking over the management of existing shopping campaigns. It’s surprising how many people acting as Google Ads freelancers struggle to effectively manage Google Shopping campaigns. I’ve taken over a number of terribly set-up and managed accounts. I enjoy working with Google Shopping, there are a lot of factors involved in getting the set-up right, such as a good data/product feed to Merchant Center, and the segmenting of products. But once the appropriate steps have been taken, they can produce great results. Better than search text ads or re-marketing display ads.

If you’d like to enquire about my Google Ads Shopping Freelancer service, please complete my enquiry form here.

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