Help with Maximising Your Return From Google Ads PPC Campaigns

Help with Maximising Your Return From Google Ads PPC Campaigns

If managed correctly, Google Ads can bring better returns on spend than many other forms of advertising. I manage all types of Google Ads campaigns, and take on clients who have never tried Google Ads before, as well as those who have, but have struggled to gain a good return. Most of my clients fall into the second category, they’ve tried managing their own campaigns thinking it would be more cost-effective, but then found out it’s not as easy as they thought. Often in the process, having gained lots of enquiries from searchers interested in something totally different to what they’re offering! The Google Express campaigns are the worst for this, in my experience.

If you already have a Google campaign(s) that’s been running, or is now paused, I’ll take a look at this first. By adding me as a read-only user to your Google Ads account, I can take a look, without you needing to worry that I may change anything that’s already there. I’ll then provide a quote for improving or creating a new campaign/s, and a quote for the ongoing management and optimisation for this. I don’t commit customers to contracts, so you can stop my service at any point. I prefer to keep a client as a long term customer by gaining them lots of conversions, e.g. enquiries or sales.

As part of making sure your campaigns maximise your return, I’ll help set up conversion tracking. As well as being good at writing compelling ads, I’m also ‘techy’ minded and know my way around Google Tag Manager and GA4 Google Analytics. Both of these are great tools for helping record conversions from your ads, which then enable the optimisation of your advertising.

If you’d like to arrange a no obligation call, please contact me via this page. I’m pleasant to work with, very conscientious, and always respond to my clients’ emails quickly.

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