Google Shopping Expert

Google Shopping Expert, Freelancer, UK

If you’re looking for a Google Shopping Expert to help you set-up or manage your Google Shopping campaigns, I can help. I love taking on new clients and helping them achieve sales at a great ROAS.

My most recent shopping ads client is a wholesale cheese company, who also specialise in cheese wedding cakes. They’d tried Google Shopping and other campaign types in the past, but hadn’t had any specialist help and had achieved poor results. Within a few weeks of taking over their account the new campaigns are already creating much more business for my client, and will only continue to improve.

As well as setting up and optimising the Google Ads campaigns, I also set up GA4 analytics for my client, and Google tag manager, in order to be able able to measure sales and leads effectively. It’s a crucial part of running profitable campaigns.

If you’d like a no obligation quote for me to manage your Google Ads campaigns, please complete my enquiry form on this page, or email I always reply, so please check your spam folder if you don’t see a response in your inbox within 24 hours.

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